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What happens when things go wrong?

Problems and issues are rarely written about. Businesses prefer to talk about all going well and service being fantastic. However, issues in supply are inevitable at some point. There is much written on this website and across the internet about the good times, but what about those bad days?


Problems happen, good responses can too

Last week a delivery of substandard paper arrived and was picked up by a long term employee in our warehouse. The supplier apologised and replaced it, no questions asked. A problem identified early and solved quickly with no impact outside of our warehouse.

Reactions take planning

Procurement and quality processes have to be developed over time to identify, anticipate and remedy failures. Everyone across the company needs to be trained and ready to react. Doing the right thing takes planning and a culture of preparation, organisation and open communication.

Medica has seen it all

In the past 100 years Medica has had to respond to supplier fires, imperfect raw materials, faulty inks, human error and even the outbreak of war (Medica supplied product during the Second World War). A long history doesn’t mean Medica is perfect, but it does mean we have a well-developed system and robust processes.
‘Anyone in business knows that problems will come it is just a matter of time, no matter how good the supplier. The key is what you do to make amends. Step one for us is identifying a problem immediately and implementing a robust corrective action plan’. Gerard Harford – Managing Director, Medica Packaging.


Medica consistently overcomes any problems which arise to continue providing excellent customer service and high quality products. For more information please contact Medica on


Latest News

Medica’s Lean Team

Over the last two years, 40 employees at Medica Packaging have successfully completed their Lean Education and Development Technical Certification.

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"Quality Lab – light cabinet is a great place to approve jobs, with plenty of space to spread out"



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