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As Medica grows and opens its doors to new clients and new employees, we wanted to share more on some of our team. Before the end of 2018 we hope to have profiled most areas; read on if you work with Medica or are considering a career in printed cartons.
Name: Amanda Bailey
Title: Sales Manager
Year started: 2002
So what does a Sales Manager do?
Ultimately it is to ensure that the budgeted sales are delivered. I manage a team of two and we have monthly sales meetings to go through our progress on sales versus budget and what we need to do to either improve on that or what additional business we are going to bring in to exceed that. I manage a range of key customers and make sure our service and our responsiveness to customers is excellent.
How does that help deliver quality product on time to the clients?
From the sales team’s perspective I think that ensuring any new projects are communicated effectively to the internal teams and that we hand over all the information correctly.

What can go wrong? What challenges do you face?
Ultimately for sales if one of our customers suddenly decides to go out to tender that’s a bad scenario. It could be market conditions that can force that or they may have a change in internal strategy. But my aim is to retain and acquire business to keep growing Medica.

What is an example of a great day?
A great day is ensuring that any customer requirements, whether it be turnaround on a new product launch or completion of an urgent tender, are achieved in a timely manner.
What was your position when you started?
Customer Services Admin Support
What did you do before Medica?
I was a foreign languages teacher at secondary school level and after that I was involved in Customer Services at RBS and eventually became a branch manager.
What did you want to do when you were growing up?
I had no idea!
What motivates you?
Within sales what motivates me is to achieve budget, to be hitting the bottom sales line and to be bringing in new customers to Medica.
What have you learned while at Medica?
How critical it is to be a good communicator and a team player.
Fun fact: I do singing and dancing in a theatre group – we put on performances twice a year. We’re currently rehearsing for a play called Musical Mayhem which is in the local theatre next month!
What does the future hold?
I really enjoy my job at Medica and I hope to continue being Sales Managing here. I’d love to see Medica grow and evolve and possibly diversifying into other markets, as we have done recently with the vaping industry.

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