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Print Production, a little background

As Medica grows and opens its doors to new clients and new employees, we wanted to share more on some of our team. Before the end of 2018 we hope to have profiled most areas; read on if you work with Medica or are considering a career in printed cartons.
Name: Richard Broadhurst
Title: Print Production Manager
Year started: 2004
So what does a Print Production Manager do?
Gives credence to decision making, people listen to Technical advice and value your opinion.
How does that help deliver quality product on time to the clients?
You find the best and quickest way of producing work and reducing potential issues not just at Print, but in other areas of the business.

What can go wrong? What challenges do you face?
Issues outside of your control, for example – press breakdowns. Also balancing customer demand and expectations against working efficiencies/KPIs.

What is an example of a great day?
A great day for me would be surpassing KPI targets, when the press pass going well and overall exceeding customer expectations.

What was your position when you started?
I started out as No. 1 Printer at Medica.
What did you do before Medica?
I was working for a label printer.
What did you want to do when you were growing up?
I would have liked to have been a pilot!
What motivates you?
I really enjoy problem solving especially within tight deadlines.
What have you learned while at Medica?
I’ve learnt how to communicate better and listen to my team. I’ve also learnt patience (something I’m getting better at!) But really you never stop learning and improving.
Fun fact: Every Sunday morning I go out with other ‘MAMILs’. That stands for ‘Middle Aged Men In Lycra’ – I’m a keen road cyclist!

What does the future hold?
Hopefully a prosperous future for Medica and improving my job skills and abilities here. I’d also love to visit Belgium to watch ‘The Tour of Flanders’ cycle race.


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