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Medica’s Print Appreciation Day is a great success

Medica’s Print Appreciation Day is a great success

Medica Packaging held a highly successful Print Appreciation Day for its valued customer Surepharm recently, which has helped to reinforce the two company’s business partnership for the future.

Surepharm, a specialist tablet contract manufacturer based in Burton Upon Trent in Staffordshire, has been a customer of Medica’s for almost two years. Medica supplies cartons and leaflets to Surepharm to package its wide range of solid dose products for the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry.

Six members of Surepharm’s team visited Medica’s facility in Crewe for the Print Appreciation Day. The team were given an introduction and tour of all areas of Medica’s business, starting with the Customer Services department, where their orders and artworks are received.

The Surepharm team thereafter were taken through to the Prepress area to see artwork being prepared for printing, and went on to meet the CAD team to understand more about the tooling required for an order, before moving through to production to see how the printing plates are created from their in-house Computer To Plate unit.

On the factory floor, the team were shown how Medica’s mixes its own inks on the Valetec unit, before moving on to see how the ink is loaded onto the three litho carton printing presses. The litho print process was explained in detail and the Surepharm team were able to take a closer look at the presses in action. Within the Cut and Crease area, Medica’s team explained all the processes, in particular, the application of braille to cartons, and the checking of braille height on the Dotscan unit. This was of particular interest as the majority of Surepharm’s cartons require braille.

The Surepharm team were also shown around Medica’s leaflet department, viewing the reel and sheet fed printing machines, before discussing the digital leaflet folding system in operation, and viewing the setting up and running of Medica’s most recent investment. The tour concluded in Medica’s warehouse, where Surepharm’s finished cartons and leaflets are prepared ready for despatch.

Throughout the day the Surepharm team were encouraged to ask as many questions as possible, so they could gain a thorough understanding of how their carton and leaflet orders are manufactured.

Darren Lawson, Surepharm’s Packing Manager said, “The Day was highly beneficial for our team. Everybody at Medica was very knowledgeable and I’m very confident that they have all the processes and people in place to supply us with top quality cartons and leaflets. All our team felt they really benefitted from the day and we feel our relationship with Medica will only grow as we move forward with existing and new business. We are looking forward to more of our team being able to take part in further Appreciation Days in the future.”

Medica’s Business Development Manager Amanda Bailey said, “Our Print Appreciation Day with Surepharm was enjoyed by everyone involved. Our customer days are really valuable as they help both businesses gain a thorough understanding of how the other operates. That greater knowledge results in improved communication between our teams and a strengthening of the business relationship.”

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