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Medica Completes Investment Programme to Enhance Pre-Press Capabilities

Medica Completes Investment Programme to Enhance Pre-Press Capabilities

Medica Packaging Ltd has carried out a major investment programme to upgrade its entire pre-press capabilities with the latest state-of-the-art technology, to ensure the long-term provision of market leading print services to its customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Medica’s pre-press enhancement programme has incorporated the installation of the most advanced pre-press and computer-to-plate hardware,including the Screen PlateRite HD 8900S with a five drawer autoloader, the latest Fujifilm ZAC Plate Processor and the introduction of the latest Fujifilm XMF workflow System. The enhancements enable Medica to double output of plates, to support the business’ longer term growth objectives and to significantly reduce lead times from artwork to plate.

As well as improved reliability and efficiency the new pre-press technology offers improved environmental benefits, using fewer chemicals and less power, which supports Medica’s commitment to continuously improving environmental performance.

To support the expansion of its pre-press capabilities, Medica has taken on additional employees in its Pre-Press and CAD Department, highlighting a commitment to growth and increasing its responsiveness to customer demands.

Medica’s Pre-Press and CAD Manager Dave Betteley said, “This investment programme means Medica now has the most advanced pre-press technology and software systems available, enabling our specialist team to deliver high quality jobs in the most efficient way to meet the demands of our customers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.”

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