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Medica promises five day delivery

Medica promises five day delivery

It is not a new idea to keep things simple in business but often complications creep in and focus is lost. Healthcare cartons and pharmaceutical leaflets fit into complex supply chains and Medica realises the value of simply delivering when they promised they would.

Liz Griffiths, Customer Services Manager talks to clients every day; “Work can be very hectic for our clients and the last thing they need is us making life any harder. When we take on an order we make a commitment to 5 day delivery for a repeat job or 10 for new artwork. That is a promise. Simple.”

At Medica the team are encouraged to make delivery promises, to communicate with the client as they would want to be themselves, and to seek excellence in all they do.

“We have to deliver on time in full and with a smile on our faces – otherwise we let down the client and the rest of the Medica team.”

Of course sometimes things do go wrong and in those instances Medica’s customer service team have a key role and communication is critical.

“Very occasionally you will have an issue with the raw materials or a delay due to artwork changes. We then have to work with planning and the production team to hit the deadlines. We deal with over 10,000 jobs orders a year and are typically two days ahead of required date – which means we know how to handle challenges and have capacity to react when needed.”

If you would like to know more about Medica’s approach to delivery promises or how new work can be delivered to you in ten days or less, please call the team on 01270 253777 or email with a brief description of your requirement.

For further media information please contact: Jane Southcott PR, T: 01275 852026 M:07787 527430 or

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