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Medica Packaging Limited to become an independent business

Medica Packaging Limited to become an independent business

Medica Packaging Limited has announced it will separate from the Benson Group and become an independent specialist packaging provider owned by a group of private individuals, managed by Sullivan Street Partners Limited.

Medica, with over 100 employees based in Crewe, produces high grade printed cartons, leaflets and labels. The company has a strong heritage of specialist pharmaceutical and healthcare carton packaging services going back to 1922 and was part of the Wellcome Foundation at one time.

The company was purchased by food packaging business, Benson Group in 2005 who themselves were acquired earlier this year by Graphic Packaging International to form a global food packaging group. The separation allows the two businesses to focus on what they each do best.

The plan for the future is to focus Medica Packaging on its core strengths; providing specialist cartons, leaflets and labels to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, with the exceptional levels of service and quality product required by those clients.

To lead Medica’s planned development, John Bath has been appointed as the company’s new CEO. With over 25 years of leadership experience in the packaging industry, John has been at the forefront of highly relevant businesses in the sector, including Rexam Medical Packaging, PCI Europe, Brecon Pharmaceuticals and United Drug’s European Packaging Group. Working closely with John Bath will be Medica’s General Manager, Keith Greasley, who has been with the company for five years and has over 20 years’ experience of achievement, championing the application of world-class quality and productivity techniques.

John Bath said, “I have known Medica for many years and admired the company’s reputation. The investment and new clarity of purpose is inspirational for our people, meeting our vision to become the most highly valued provider to the demanding markets we serve.”

Keith Greasley commented, “The whole team at Medica fully embrace this opportunity, one that they truly deserve. I know we will all continue to show the determination and application we have over recent years, which will deliver the long term success we all want for our business.”

The new owners are private individuals, investing through Sullivan Street Partners who seek long term investments in UK businesses. Richard Sanders, a representative of the investor group said, “We are delighted and privileged to have acquired Medica Packaging Limited. The industry leading skills, knowledge and experience of Medica’s team are at the heart of our plans for the future and provide the perfect starting point for growth over the long term.”

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Medica’s Lean Team

Over the last two years, 40 employees at Medica Packaging have successfully completed their Lean Education and Development Technical Certification.

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