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Medica “Can do” in 2017

Medica in 2017

As the year draws to a close and after six months with Medica, it is an appropriate time to catch up with Gerard Harford, Managing Director for Medica Packaging. In 2016 Medica has grown in pharamceutical carton and leaflet supply and taken on several new clients successfully, offering quality and rapid lead times.


Gerard, it has been a busy six months no doubt, what have been your biggest surprises and strongest impressions on Medica and the market?

“I was surprised by how much the market has consolidated over the past two years. This obviously gives less choice for customers so it is more important than ever to give a real independent alternative to the big Groups.”

I was also very pleasantly surprised by how many customers have a real affection for Medica and are genuinely delighted it is once again an independent business, back to its core values of quality, service and cost competitiveness.”


Why is that?

“As an independent business in the John Beardmore era, Medica’s reputation was second to none for customer service. But even under Group ownership, the people at Medica have always tried to do their best for clients especially in the face of adversity”.

It’s early days for you but has anything changed since you joined:

“We need to be out and seeing our clients much more frequently so we fully appreciate what they need from a good supplier. It’s equally important internally that the business has a real “can do culture” and respond quickly and positively to the customer needs.”


And at the site in Crewe?

“The team here are very highly skilled and are also one of the most flexible groups I have seen in the packaging industry. So we have made a few changes to build on that strength and deliver a 5 day lead-time on repeat orders and a 10 day lead-time for new jobs. These are some of the shortest in the industry and are testament to the flexibility and mindset of all our employees.”


So what are the plans for 2017?

“Three things. Firstly to maintain very high customer service and quality standards before anything else. Secondly to continue to drive the “Can Do” culture in all aspects of the business, particularly around lead times and responsiveness. And finally I want to get the message out to more and more clients and contacts so that what we offer can help more of the market”


And finally, what are you up to for Christmas?

“Medica keeps on working through Christmas and the New Year as we have customers needing cartons and leaflets, so whilst I’ll be enjoying the festivities there will also be a watchful eye on the e-mails!”


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