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Expanding the Team

In the past 12 months Medica has begun to add to its team with both apprentices and experienced staff in order to stay ahead of growth planned for 2017 and 2018. Many clients in the market are moving to Medica on account of a focused proposition that meets their needs; a five day lead time and high quality standards.


In a time of market uncertainty, it is good to take time to celebrate growth and opportunity in the UK. Medica has been in existence since 1922 and has grown to become a significant player in the UK pharmaceutical cartons and leaflets market. The potential for growth is significant as more clients understand the true costs of underperforming suppliers.


Medica has a Wealth of Experience

The current team at Medica has a healthy mix of experience levels but some individuals can chart their contribution to the firm back 30 years or more. In that time, there have been plenty of changes and the nature of the industry has shifted significantly. One thing that hasn’t changed however is their commitment to quality and service, a feature of being a business dedicated to Pharmaceutical standards since it was founded in 1922.

New Staff are Needed for Expansion

To grow, some companies stretch their employees to the point of breaking, over using overtime and no planning for the future. At Medica we employ a measured approach, building in the capability to run more shifts well in advance and using overtime only when needed to balance production flows. This measured approach underpins the ability to be able to consistently deliver to a five day lead time; you have to keep capacity available to meet demands on such a short timescale.

Opportunities for all Staff are Significant

Recent joiners will find that there are significant opportunities at Medica to learn about lean manufacturing, rapid response service and to build a career. Staff start in one department but are encouraged to become multi skilled so that their flexibility adds to the agility of the company. Managerial positions become available and can be applied for when they do, staff without the necessary experience of management can put themselves forward for manager like responsibilities and build experience in doing so.

“We are delighted to be able to open the doors to new staff. Apprentices and veterans all appreciate the welcome they get when they join, the team spirit and the chance to prove themselves. We look for people who can achieve consistent high standards, who are capable, and understand the need to deliver exceptional service. It is all in our company mantra; Growth Through Excellence.” Gerard Harford, MD, Medica Packaging.


For potential staff: Formal vacancies are listed on the website, however should you have relevant capabilities or the characteristics listed above pleas esubmit your CV and any relevant information to


For potential clients: Consult the experts to understand the opportunity for you. Having added to the design studio in 2016 Medica can deliver curved edged cartons, braille, raised ink, blockfoil backgrounds and other solutions to maximise product appeal and patient confidence. All this with a five day lead time. For more information please contact Medica on


Latest News

Medica’s Lean Team

Over the last two years, 40 employees at Medica Packaging have successfully completed their Lean Education and Development Technical Certification.

Client Comments

"Quality Lab – light cabinet is a great place to approve jobs, with plenty of space to spread out"



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