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e-Cigarette Packaging at new Higher Standard

As of June 2017, if an e-cig contains more than 20mg/ml of nicotine it will need to be medicinally licenced. High-nicotine e-cigs will be regulated by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, and are subject to the same advertising regulations as over-the-counter medicines, including the need for PS9000 approved carton and leaflet supply.


Vaping Significantly Affected

The changes are part of the Tobacco Packaging Directive which aims to tighten controls over products containing nicotine. In addition, e-Cigarette packaging will need to show a 30% health warning on the front and back reading: “This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance”. Advertising of vaping will also be limited; e-cigs with higher than 20mg / ml will not be able to be endorsed by celebrities, given out as free samples, or marketed to children.

In the UK additional steps have been taken to ensure all Cigarettes are to be sold in standardised green packets with graphic warnings of the dangers of smoking. This plain packaging and warnings is hoped to lead to 300,000 fewer smokers in across Britain.


PS9000 Supply to Vaping

The directive has already affected several vaping supply chains as manufacturers and brand owners have taken the opportunity to change suppliers. New clients have arrived at Medica seeking a supplier with medical grade quality systems as well as the agility to deliver within five days and respond to growing demand. Several commentators in the market haver indicated that while this directive has been pending for a long time other may not yet have fully adjusted to comply.
“Medica is delighted to have welcome new Vaping clients in the past 12 months. The Tobacco Directive has prompted many to look for regulated suppliers but many have chosen Medica due to our five day delivery promise. We are used to working with demanding and high growth companies and so the needs of e-cigarette companies are very familiar. We look forward to meeting more people in the industry.” Gerard Harford, MD, Medica Packaging.
Consult the experts to understand the opportunity for you. Medica packaging has been advising clients on packaging and related developments since 1922. Medica is dedicated to flexibility and continuous improvement. We have over twenty staff qualified in lean manufacturing and a mentality to strive for more.
Having added to the design studio in 2016 Medica can deliver curved edged cartons, braille, raised ink, blockfoil backgrounds and other solutions to maximise product appeal and patient confidence. All this with a five day lead time.



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