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Dave Betteley – Going that Extra Mile!

Dave Betteley – Going that Extra Mile!

In recent weeks, Medica’s Prepress Team Leader and elite athlete Dave Betteley has taken part in three gruelling races which have seen him run an incredible total distance of over 160 km, with combined climbs of over 6,400 metres.

Dave’s races began with the London Marathon in April, (pictured in Orange) where he ran a new personal best time of just 2.44.15 seconds. This time means he has qualified for a further 2 years, to start future London Marathons from the Championship start line, alongside other elite runners from around the world.

For most people that achievement would have been quite enough for one year but Dave hardly had time to wash his kit before he set off again to take part in the punishing Transvulcania Ultra Marathon in La Palma in the Canary Islands. This race is part of the renowned International Skyrunning Series. Not only is the race run over 73km, its route includes climbs to 4267 metres (14,000ft).

Due to the heat, the race starts at 6 am at the most southerly point on La Palma and runs straight up the centre of the island over the summits of several volcanoes, reaching a maximum height of almost 8,000ft (more than twice the height of Snowdon) at 50km into the race. Runners then have to spend the next 18km descending back down to sea level before a final climb back up nearly 1,300ft to the finish. Temperatures during the race varied from 53 degrees at the start to over 91 degrees at its hottest.

Dave managed to finish the race in 12hrs 23mins 9 seconds, which gave him a highly impressive finishing position of 325 out 1800 and 20th in his age group.

David commented, “This was without any doubt the toughest race I have taken part in, although I am already planning to go back next year, albeit better prepared to beat my time.”

A week later, Dave was off again and on 17 May he took part in the Keswick Mountain Ultra in the Lake District. This is a 50km race which includes 7,000ft of climbing over and around the mountains. For most of us this race sounds an ordeal but Dave said it was, “Pretty easy compared to the Transvulcania.” He completed the race finishing 12th out of 150 in just 6 hours, 23mins.

Dave’s supreme efforts will continue throughout the summer as he has more races planned. “I have lots of races now of various distances over the coming months but the next main goal is a race called The Lakeland 50, and as the name suggests, its 50 miles over several of the Lake District mountains.”

This demanding race takes place over the weekend of 25/26 July and everyone at Medica wishes Dave all the very best for this incredible challenge.

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