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Customer Services, a little background

As Medica grows and opens its doors to new clients and new employees, we wanted to share more on some of our team. Before the end of 2018 we hope to have profiled most areas; read on if you work with Medica or are considering a career in printed cartons.

Name: Liz Griffiths
Title: Commercial Manager
Year started: 1999
So what does a Commercial Manager do?
I look into efficiencies around the plant and make sure that the prices we send out to the customers are correct and relevant to how we’re going to run it through production. I try to be multi-skilled, flexible and willing to adapt to any situation.
How does that help deliver quality product on time to the clients?
From when the order lands on our desk, it is mine and the team’s job to make sure it is raised swiftly and efficiently so it’s released to production within the lead time which we’re currently smashing out of the park!

What can go wrong? What challenges do you face?
We can get incorrect information which can cause complications so we try to get it right, right at the very start when the sales team are collating information so we can pass it along to production and have a smooth process.

What is an example of a great day?
Getting all of the work done and working hard with everyone having a smile and a laugh along the way. I think that makes all the difference especially when they’re leaving work after a stressful day.
What was your position when you started?
I worked on cartons for six years and then as the leaflets department was growing I switched over and worked there for six years too. After that I started working on Quality Assurance and did management project work on efficiencies throughout the plant. I was also involved in our Growth through Excellence project on site. Then a position became available in Customer Service and within six months I was the deputy of the department and now I’m running that department under the umbrella of Commercial Manager.
What did you do before Medica?
I was a Mary Poppins! I’m a nanny by trade. I left school and went to college and studied to be a nursery nurse or nanny and I did that for two years, which was a lot of fun.
What did you want to do when you were growing up?
I wanted to look after children – be a nanny.
What motivates you?
I like a challenge, I don’t like to fail. I want Medica to be thriving, it motivates me to want to make this place brilliant, which I think it is.
What have you learned while at Medica?
Learnt how to motivate myself as an individual and also a team. I have learnt how to liaise with all level of staff, whether it be domestic assistants or the Managing Director.
Fun fact: I can do a mean rendition of Lionel Richie’s All Night Long!
What does the future hold?
To be a success as a Commercial Manager!

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