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Medica Packaging’s extensive experience in providing cartons and leaflets for the packaging of commercial pharmaceutical products is complemented by similar experience in clinical trial packaging. Working with clinical trial contract packaging houses and OEMs alike, Medica understands the special requirements of the pharmaceutical sector including: the ability to produce CAD-derived physical pack samples at very short notice; the crucial importance of consistency in packaging and leaflet printingto support double-blinding.

The need for quick turnaround of relatively short runs of packaging and leaflets, especially in Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trial studies; and the ability to provide a quick response to address any supply chain issues during the course of the clinical study. When a customer successfully completes a clinical trial, Medica Packaging can help develop packaging for the newly licensed product and produce launch quantities of packaging for the commercial offering.

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"Quality Lab – light cabinet is a great place to approve jobs, with plenty of space to spread out"



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