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Carton Manufacture

Carton Manufacture

We understand the importance of getting your packaging right to convey your product as patient-friendly, fit for purpose and trustworthy.


Medica work closely with you throughout the whole process from concept and design to delivery of your packaging.


The team at Medica Packaging have a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and their customers’ needs. These insights enable us to stay ahead of regulations and offer an innovative, high quality range of packaging products including:  folding cartons, literature, leaflets, booklets. adherence packaging, multiple component kits and printed foils.

Leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies choose to partner with us because of our extensive knowledge within the industry, excellent product quality and short lead times.

There are three distinct steps in producing printed folding cartons:


  • Short to long runs
  • Medium and large format specialist carton printing machines.
  • Up to 6 colours + a variety of coatings in one pass
  • UV drying technology

Cutting and Creasing

  • Matching format cut and crease machines
  • Features include Braille and complex emboss and de-boss design features.
  • Braille continuously measured using latest equipment to meet the EU Braille standards – see more here

Folding, Gluing and Finishing

  • Broad range of folder/gluers to meet the majority of market requirements.
  • Wide range of styles and specifications from simple straight-line to multipoint multi-panel designs
  • Automatic base erection cartons.
  • Security and glue line consistency maintained through electronic control
  • In-line Braille application capability, measured to meet EU standards directives. – see more here
  • Consistency of production ensures customers’ packing line efficiencies and minimisation of packing-related downtime.

Latest News

Announcement of the acquisition of F.G.Curtis PLC
Medication Packaging Holdco Limited, owners of Medica Packaging Limited, a folding cartons and leafl

Client Comments

"Quality Lab – light cabinet is a great place to approve jobs, with plenty of space to spread out"



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