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Carton Manufacture

Carton Manufacture

There are three distinct steps in producing printed folding cartons:


  • Short to long runs
  • Medium and large format specialist carton printing machines.
  • Up to 6 colours + a variety of coatings in one pass
  • UV drying technology

Cutting and Creasing

  • Matching format cut and crease machines
  • Features include Braille and complex emboss and de-boss design features.
  • Braille continuously measured using latest equipment to meet the EU Braille standards – see more here

Folding, Gluing and Finishing

  • Broad range of folder/gluers to meet the majority of market requirements.
  • Wide range of styles and specifications from simple straight-line to multipoint multi-panel designs
  • Automatic base erection cartons.
  • Security and glue line consistency maintained through electronic control
  • In-line Braille application capability, measured to meet EU standards directives. – see more here
  • Consistency of production ensures customers’ packing line efficiencies and minimisation of packing-related downtime.

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Medica Packaging Ltd is delighted to announce that a Management Buy-out has been completed from Sull

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"Quality Lab – light cabinet is a great place to approve jobs, with plenty of space to spread out"



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